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    1. 搜尋高管/領導者


        2. CEO繼任/接班人計劃



    3. 家族企業的轉型


    4. 董事會服務




    6. 專業技術人才



    Birkim Executive Search

    Over the years, we have been engaged for customers seeking the best candidates and provide customers with high-end strategic human resources consulting services and retention programs to use them. This is our core business.

    We provide services to many well-known clients, including multinational corporations, innovative companies, private equity firms, family businesses and nonprofit organizations. We invited our customers to help them find recruits senior management, including CEO, subsidiaries and affiliates of the executives, as well as functional departments.

    We work with clients to establish a close working relationship, the nature of its business through the strategic objectives of certainty, from either the ability to engage and experience meet the specific needs of the customer's choice. Each seeking recruits, we are equipped with the best team, including experienced consultants and researchers, seeking recruits for the industry and provide the support functions.

    We adhere to the strict and efficient search and assessment process, each step, are in line to provide customers with the highest level of service for the purpose, to ensure our customers consistent quality of service.

    1. Search executives / leaders

    We offer our customers and identify the business management, marketing, supply chain, manufacturing, and construction, financial, administrative, HR and other senior personnel have talent. And help customers determine the program attracts top talent, including long-term incentive plans and option plans and other strategic issues recommendations.

    2. CEO succession / succession planning

    Select a new CEO is the most difficult of any business and one of the most critical decisions. In response to this very complex decision-making, Birkim search project development services, from the most experienced consultants to help companies develop a comprehensive, clear, objective process of succession planning, selection and training of the most appropriate and most successful CEO.

    Potential successor, either the CEO or other process managers, leaders must have the ability to move into the future, not just focus on the business now. Birkim have all types of organizations with extensive experience in providing advisory services to help them prepare for various scenarios, including long-term succession planning and temporary successor and so on.

    3. The transformation of the family business

    We help the family business clients to achieve the transformation of the company operations through the assessment of the status quo of the enterprise, providing a trusted, capable of taking over the professional managers, led the family business successful transition into the company of the operating mode.

    4.  Board Service

    Our consultants have many well-known companies in senior management positions, the latest worldwide governance regulations and best practices are familiarity. We help enterprises to strengthen and improve the company's board structure, governance, appointment of more independent non-executive director so that the Board functions more perfect.

    5. Search for promising managers

    Enterprises to implement effective middle-level cadres is an important part of execution, we help companies find talent in the cause of the rising period, the next 3-5 years to achieve their career peak.

    6. Professional and technical personnel

    We help companies to improve R & D capabilities, to build a strong R & D team. We provide construction, electronics, IT, machinery, metallurgy forging, automotive, legal, financial, process design, art design, instructor coaching and other areas of professional and technical personnel, and directional mining.